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SunSed is the only tool you need to create and manage your websites!
No more servers, hosting, git, CDN, caching, updates, performance or security issues!
SunSed is fully programable while it's easy to learn and use.
Your websites will be faster and you will create more content!


Flat pricing! ♦ No per-user fees ♦ Unlimited sites ♦ Unlimited collaborators
Unlimited free trial — upgrade only when you want your websites go public.
$80 per month for Businesses (billed every 6 months).
80% discount for qualified Startups ($16 per month). Contact to find out how.


Fully programmable via SunSed programming language.
Built-in version control system — revert files/websites.
Use the <pic> tag and SunSed will take care of resizing your images based on visitor's device.
CDN for hosting your images and other media files (up-to 25MB each).
The powerful Macros feature — build your own Markdown!
Your websites will be powered by Google's Edge Points of Presence (PoPs) & CDN.
Create snapshots from your websites.
SunSed is minimalist and gets out of your way so you can create more content!
Flat fee! No more complicated pricing and hidden charges!
Super fast! Average response time of 50 milliseconds (not including the network latency).
Instead of a huge CSS/JS file, use SunSed Language to send CSS/JS needed by current page elements only!
You can avoid sending unused CSS/JS. Use SunSed <css> and <js> tags to only send what is needed by each webpage.
We’re profitable, debt-free and privately owned and in business since 2013.
Amazing uptime recond! In 2016 we have been up 99.993% of the time.
Fun to use! — Built by programmers, for programmers.