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Abstract HTML

Create your own HTML tags to abstract blocks of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Shortform HTML tags

Simplifies writing HTML with a syntax more powerful than Markdown yet easier to learn and use.

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Cloud Editor

Code and edit your websites using your favorite browser. Nothing to install or manage!

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Create your own HTML tags

Creating a HTML tag with SunSed
Creating a HTML tag with SunSed

Here we create a tag called <note> and then use it to create two notes.

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Shortform Tags
more powerful than Markdown.

Creating a HTML tag with SunSed
Creating a HTML tag with SunSed

Shortform HTML Tags transforms a line like:

:foo x :bar[y]. into <foo>x <bar>y</bar>.</foo>

foo and bar could be any HTML or SunSed Tag.

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SunSed Cloud Editor (IDE)

You need nothing more than your browser!

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SunSed Cloud Editor IDE

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World-class hosting and CDN.

Smart image optimization and delivery

99.99% uptime

SunSed Language & Tags

Shortform HTML tags

Create your own syntax with Macros

Managed security and performance

Download your websites

Create snapshots and restore with one click

Cloud Editor (IDE)

Non-developers friendly

Auto saving and publishing — no save, push or publish button

Emacs and Vim key bindings


Syntax highlighting

Multi-user (up to 100 collaborators)

Content conflict prevention system

Content revisions (past 20 changes for each file)

Create staging websites

SSL (HTTPS) support via CloudFlare

Super fast websites! Average response time of 100 milliseconds (including network latency).

Flat fee! No more complicated pricing or hidden charges!

Host up to 100 websites

CDN for both static files and dynamic pages.

Support that cares

We will serve you until the end of the Internet. Learn more

Fun to use! — built by programmers, for programmers.

Upcoming Features

CLI to manage your websites.

Powerful and simple API.

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