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SunSed is the only tool you need to create and manage super fast websites!
No more servers, performance, hosting, Git, CDN, caching, updates or security issues.
SunSed is fully programmable and easy to learn and use.
You can focus on creating more content and enjoy faster websites.


Flat pricing! — No per-user fees — Unlimited sites — Unlimited collaborators.
Unlimited free trial — upgrade only when you want to go live.
$80/month for Businesses.
$16/month (80% OFF) for Startups & Individuals.
All plans are billed every 6 months.


Create your own server-side HTML tags that help abstract different kinds of content.
Use Macros to abstract HTML tags — create your own Markdown.
All-in-one platform that includes, online IDE, simple version control system for easy collaboration, image optimization and many more.
Global CDN for hosting your images and other media files (up-to 25MB each).
Your websites, powered by Google's Edge Network & CDN.
Create snapshots (backups) from your websites and later restore them with one click.
Collaborate with others and never worry about content collision.
Auto saving and publishing. No more, save, push or publish button.
Easily create a staging website and publish changes to your live production site with one click.
Emacs and Vim key bindings for the online IDE.
Flat fee! No more complicated pricing or hidden charges!
Super fast websites! Average response time of 100 milliseconds (including network latency).
Create nimble websites — no more unused CSS/JS!
We will serve you until the end of the Internet. Learn more
Amazing uptime record! In 2016 we have been up 99.99% of the time.
Fun to use! — built by programmers, for programmers.