You're in good company!

We are a different kind of company. We operate it like a passionate music band — making money is not the ultimate goal — the ultimate goal is to see people enjoying your music while you enjoy playing!

In our company,

we enjoy ultimate freedom! There are no offices, managers, hours of work or meetings. But we have one thing in common; we passionately love what we do!
We track everything we must do and create milestones with no due dates. Then, we will go through them as fast as possible.
We treat our users as our friends.
People are awesome and we love making friends, luckily we have one thing in common with our users — passion for SunSed — which is a good excuse for becoming friends!

Want to join our company?

Right now we are not hiring anyone.
But applicants will be saved for the future.

To join our team you must have the following:

- Good people skills.
- Good writing skills.
- Have read the book Remote
- Have read the book Rework
- Passion for SunSed, what we do, and the way we work!
- Knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and HTML++ (our own language).


we proudly

Work Remotley

Please don’t send us your resume! We assume you have the above skills, instead make friend with one of us -- email any one of our team members with the role you’d like to have yourself. Start with Sed, if you are not sure who to talk first.

We believe in

The ultimate goal in this life is happiness. Money is just one tool to happiness, you need more than Money to sustain happiness. Work Always Comes Second! We don’t live to work, we work to live better.
Simple is always better.
Investors are pure evil
They are bad for both your happiness and business success. We believe in organically grow our family business like a music band! The rest is just silicon valley’s hype to make you work for the rich in the hope to hit a jackpot like Facebook.

We are inspired by these people:

Paul Graham

Joel Spolsky

Jason Fried

David heinemeier hansson

Richard Stallman

We are inspired by these companies:

Our favorite Apps/Tools/Software:

Google Cloud Platform

Hosting SunSed


Manage our work (to-dos)


Shipping software

Debian GNU+Linux

Operating system


Sending transactional emails.


Website analytics

Our favorite books:


by Basecamp


by Basecamp

Zero to One

by Peter Thiel

Getting Things Done: How to Achieve Stress-free Productivity

by David Allen

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