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Distraction Free Editor

SunSed editor is engineered from scratch so your posts would look the same before and after publishing. You can write and edit directly from your phone’s browser with a desktop experience.


Revision History

View and revise to all changes that you have made to a post. As soon as you make changes to a post a new version is created. You can compare different versions of a post when revising.


Schedule Your Posts

Publish your posts at the best possible time for your audience. Simply select a future date under posts settings and hit Publish. Your post would be online on the selected time.


Invite Guest Writers

Invite unlimited number of writers and editors to help you on your blogging journey and set the preferred permission for everyone you add.


Custom Domains

Connect your custom domains to your SunSed blogs or register a new domain for just $14/year with no additional cost with us and we will automatically set it up for you.


Keyboard Shortcuts

You can move paragraphs up and down, create headers, bold and italicize, and even navigate through the sentences all without touching the mouse.

Save Your Eyes with Night Mode

Turn On Night Mode


Automatic Save to Draft

You will never lose a single word. Every keystroke is automatically saved, so you don't ever have to stop your writing process just to save your work.


Live Syntax Highlighting

Your code will be automatically highlighted in over 130 languages.


Free access to a growing library of premium pictures.

A high-end blog needs high-end pictures. Select from 1000+ pictures in SunSed image library and give your blogs a more professional look.


Automatic Image Size Optimization

With active image size optimization every picture is served in its perfect size, so you deliver faster loading blogs to your viewers and improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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