Website Configurations

_app/config.mset is your website's main configuration file. All the variables that you set here are global (available in all pages, tags and more) and help modify your website in one way or another.

The difference between setting configuration variables in _app/config.mset versus setting those variables in _app/server.sunsed using the <s:mset> tag is merely convenience—it's easier to know where all the configuration variables are located.

All the 3rd party libraries that you load in your website could also make use of config.mset so you can easily modify their behaviour. For example, SunSed's built-in library (s:) uses s:title to know your website's name.

Following example shows part of's config.mset.

s: title => SunSed: Programmable Website Builder
twitter  => @sunsedApp
@s: title

Your website title. This variable is used by SunSed (that's why it has the s: namespace).