SunSed Cloud Editor (IDE)

When you click on a file to edit, SunSed opens it in a new tab and launches a simple editor. It is great because you can use your browser's tab manager to switch between multiple files that you are editing. This approach is efficient if you want quickly edit a few files, but it gets difficult when you try to edit more than a few files at once. That's is why, we have created SunSed Cloud Editor.

SunSed Cloud Editor, allows you to edit multiple files at the same time in one window. It looks very much like Sublime Text or Atom editor, where you have a list of files on the left hand-side and can easily switch between different files in one window.

SunSed's Cloud Editor looks like this:

SunSed Cloud Editor IDE

Adding a shortcut to your desktop

If you want the Editor to be able to capture all keybord shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl-W — which usually closes the window) you need to add a shortcut of the page to your desktop and make sure Chrome launches it in a application mode. For more instructions, please watch the above video.