Verify Domain Ownership

To use a custom domain you need to first verify that you own it. For example, once you have verified, you can use that domain or any of its subdomains (e.g. to create a website in your account.

To verify a domain you need to add the following TXT record to your DNS:

Host Name Record Type Data (Text)
sunsed-accounts TXT your account ID e.g. m1234567

You can find your Account ID and other general info about your account under the Account Page.

NOTE: Depending on your DNS provider changes to DNS records can take several hours to propagate, so be patient.

Multiple Acconuts

You can verify a domain to be used by more than one SunSed account. This is useful if you have multiple teams using multiple accounts to manage different subdomains.

To accomplish this, just add mulitple Account IDs separated by a space or a comma. In the following example, both m1234567 and m2223337 can use the same domain.

Host Name Record Type Data (Text)
sunsed-accounts TXT m1234567 m2223337