Until the End of the Internet

p. Internet software and services disappear from the face of the Internet (for reasons like acquisition and financial failure) all the time, but we intend to stay with you until the end! p. We understand that it has become risky to place your trust and time in services that could disappear at any moment, for any reason, and with no guarantee that your data will be safe, preserved, or even portable. p. To prevent that from happening to our awesome customers we are going to make a few but very important promises. h2. Our promise to you ul. We are dedicated to supporting our products forever (or until the last customer turns off the lights). ul. If we create a new version of SunSed that breaks backward compatibility we will support the older version forever. p. Founded in 2013, SunSed is a profitable, debt-free and privately owned business (started by two brothers). It is our life's work and we are in this for the long haul! p. That is how we are going to serve you until the end of the Internet!