Honest prices, no surprises.

$80/month for businesses
billed every 6 months

$16/month (80% OFF) for
Individuals & Startups*

billed every 6 months

Flat, fixed pricing. No per user fees. No per website fees. All features included.

* 80% off for individuals and startups with no more than 3 employees. Learn more.

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TLS/SSL secure connections

There are two options for https:// urls:

(1) SunSed's infrastructure is directly connected to Cloudflare's network through their high-performance CDN interconnect.

(2) SunSed's SSL Certificate Hosting goes above and beyond basic SSL by offering globally-distributed SSL endpoints with more than 100 POPs over the world.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a credit card to sign-up?

No! We don't ask for your credit card unless you want your websites to go public.

How does Startup discount work?

Individuals and businesses with no more than 3 employees qualify for 80% discount. Learn more.

How can I apply for the startup discount?

Please email yourfriends@sunsed.com. We would love to hear from you and are more than happy to give you the discount if you qualify.

Does my plan automatically renew?

Yes, all accounts automatically renew every 6 months.

What happens to my websites if my plan fails to renew?

We will contact you for 21 days and try our best to resolve the billing issue before taking your website offline — your content/code will remain safe.

Do you have monthly plans?

SunSed only has one semi-annual billing plan. This allows us to provide 21 days grace period for billing issues.

Is there any hard limits that I should know about?

Yes, here there are:

Why is my account limited to 10 websites?

There is a 10 websites per acconut Quota limit that could be increased upon request. This is one of many "Safety Quota Limits" that most users won't reach but when they do we wolud be more than happy to increase it for them on an account by account basis.

What is the Safety Quota Limits?

Safety limits are set by SunSed to protect the integrity of our service. These quotas ensure that no account can over-consume resources to the detriment of others. If you go above these limits you'll get an error.

Under the Account page you can check your account Quotas and current usage.

How can I send a Quota increase request?

Please email your requests to yourfriends@sunsed.com. We will be more than happy to accommodate your request and increase your account quota.