SunSed Tags

a create a link

bug create an error message

calc calculate math expressions

call call (run) a specified tag

case create complex conditions

center center a block of content (usually, text)

code create a code block

contains check if a variable contains some value

count count all varibales matching a wildcard

date put current date in different formats

debug start the variable debugger

decrement decrement a variable by one

default set default value for a variable

epoch put current unix timestamp

escape convert special characters to html entities

even check if a number is even

exists check if a file or a variable exists

for iterate over a group of variables

hash generate a hash value (message digest)

head add content to html head

http-to-https redirect traffic from http to https

if executes a block of code if a certain condition is met

ignore ignore a block of code

img create a picture element

import import a variable from global scope

include include files, apps or libraries

increment increment a variable by one

join combines a group of variables into a string

length put string length

list loop over files in a folder

log log a message

lower-case make a string lowercase

metadata access a file metadata

mset set multiple variables at once

newline-to-br replace all newline characters with html break tags

newline put a newline character (\n)

not performs logical negation

odd check if a number is odd

p create multiple paragraphs by turning each line into a paragraph

put output (print) a variable

random-number generate a random number

raw returns the content as is, without processing sunsed tags

redirect redirect current request to another page (url)

repeat repeats its content a specified number of times

replace replace some characters with some other characters in a string

reverse reverse a string

round rounds a floating point number

scope create a new variable scope

script add javascript to the page

serve end the program and serve the request

set set or reset a variable

space put a space character

split convert a string into multiple variables

style add css to the page

tag create a new tag

title-case uppercase the first character of each word in a string

trim remove space from beginning and end of a string

truncate truncates a string to a given length (default is 80)

unset unset a given variable

upper-case make a string uppercase

url-decode decodes a string that has been encoded by url-encode

url-encode convert any url-unsafe characters into percent-encoded ones

year put current year

youtube embed youtube videos